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"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn." 
-O. Fred Donaldson

Our Current Rates

For children 4 weeks to 1 year
$210 per week

For children 1 year to 2 years
$200 per week

For children 3 years to 5 years

For children 6 years to 12 years 
$160 PER WEEK (Summer); $70 PER WEEK (School Year)

$10 weekly Sibling and Military Discounts
(cannot be used together) 

Our Classrooms

Click below for a virtual tour of the Infant through Preschool Building

Itty Bitty 1

Welcome to our Itty Bitty 1 Classroom! This classroom is dedicated to our immobile infants, who are brand new to this crazy thing that we call life. In this room, we work on an infant’s basic developments like holding their heads up, rolling over, and sitting by themselves. Every infant is on their own schedule with feedings, diaper changes, and nap times—we also add the food option once your child is ready. All of this is communicated to us by YOU, as the parents. Through our Brightwheel App, we log all activities throughout the day, post pictures and videos, and answer all your questions and concerns. But be patient with us as we make sure that everyone’s needs are being met! This classroom is licensed for 12 children and has a 5:1 ratio.


Welcome to our Itty Bitty 2 Classroom! This classroom is dedicated to our more mobile infants—you know… the ones that are just getting the hang of this “moving” stuff. Infants typically transition into this classroom between 8-10 months old. These kiddos are learning how to crawl, stand, and play independently and in small groups. They also have a separate nap room with calming music and their own pack-n-play or small cot—this transition is communicated with you as we go. We also start offering table food in this classroom. Once your little one is ready for that big step, let us know and we will gladly share our menus for YOU to decide what you would like us to offer your child at breakfast and lunch (afternoon snack is provided by you). It can be as easy as “some, all, or none” and is completely your decision! The Brightwheel App continues through this classroom as we log daily activities, pictures, and videos. We still ask for some patience, as this classroom is licensed for 20 children between the separate nap and play rooms. Don’t you worry, our staff are pros at making sure schedules are met, sensory activities are implemented, and play times and nap times are to your liking! We are still at a 5:1 ratio here—and with it being a critical age for transitions like bottles > sippy; baby food > table food; and everything in between, you will enjoy having the extra staff that are willing to go above and beyond to make it easiest on everyone! Also, get ready for parent-to-child communication as we start to implement sign language to help better understand your child’s needs!  

Waddler 1

Welcome to our Waddler 1 Classroom! Our one-year old’s are introduced to a more structured routine. The scheduled breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack coincide with the nap schedule for the entire class. As a whole, the class will take 1-2 naps a day (depending on age and development). This will all be communicated to you when the time to switch comes. Our Waddler’s start working on basic curriculum and following a lesson plan that fits their developmental needs. They also go for walks in our wagon and play on our playground when weather allows. You will love the additional art projects, pictures and videos, and daily activities that this classroom provides that is communicated through our Brightwheel app! This classroom is licensed for 10 children and is still at a 5:1 ratio.

WADDLER 2 & 3  

Welcome to our Waddler 2 & Waddler 3 Classrooms! As your child gets bigger, so does their imagination and sense of adventure. These classrooms are set up for the movers and the shakers—the one to two-year-old’s that are over being cooped up in one room and are ready to explore. The Waddler 2 room contains everything needed for art projects, imaginative play, and so much more. These kiddos then get to escape their four walls a couple of times a day for some gross-motor activities in our Waddler 3 Classroom Play Area—which consists of a large, open area to get their wiggles out, play on age-appropriate climbers, and have so much room to drive their cars and trucks around. This open space is also a great place for them to eat breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Let’s not forget all the walks and playground time that they get to enjoy when weather permits—and the Preschool gym when it doesn’t! These kiddos take 1 nap a day after lunch time to rest their brains and bodies to get ready to go for round 2 in the early afternoon. We encourage communication through both words and sign language for these children to better express their feelings. Both classrooms are licensed for 10 children and are at a 5:1 ratio. Get ready for all the Brightwheel updates, videos, pictures, and learning objectives—because coloring at age 1 has many more developmental qualities than you could imagine. And we are here to help show you!  

TODDLER 1 & 2  

Welcome to our Toddler 1 & Toddler 2 Classrooms! If you think exploring at 18-months is necessary, wait until you check out this space! These Tod’s get to take advantage of our gym and playground; not to mention that they have a classroom FULL of sensory bins and age appropriate toys for imaginative play. Continuing with the scheduled breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack, as well as the 1 nap a day, this room is ready for small group activities, free play, and circle time where they will continue to work on the basics like colors, numbers, letters, and shapes. As vocabulary grows, we encourage feelings by continuing to say sorry, please, and thank you. You can always hear songs coming from the classroom and the incredible dance moves taught on the weekends by YOU through picture and videos on the Brightwheel App. Don’t forget, we are still here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the day. Just shoot your child’s teacher a message through the app and wait patiently for their reply (we might be in the middle of an art project and don’t have enough clean hands to type back just yet)! These classrooms are still licensed for 10 children with a 5:1 ratio.  


Are you ready to learn about our Pitter Patter Preschool Program?! Remember, we are your neighborhood Playschool. And boy do we PLAY! While everything throughout our center is learned through hands-on play and activities, the Preschool Program is where we do some our best work when it comes to early learning curriculum. Our Freshmen and Sophomore’s follow the same curriculum, but it is catered to their specific abilities. We are so fond of letting our little friends explore outside of the classroom that we allow them to rotate between 3 different rooms to help keep things interesting—Gym, Study Hall, and Media. They can have the best of all worlds, developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive skills. But that is just the start to working on social and emotional development, learning how to treat others, and using our manners. This program is a 10:1 ratio, with children interacting with 10 (small group) to 20 (large group) peers at a time.     

Click below for a virtual tour of the Pre-K & School Age Building


One of the newest additions to our little village is Pitter Patter Playschool. We have 4 groups of 10 children—our Juniors and Seniors. We continue with rotating classrooms; only these rooms consist of Study Hall (curriculum), the Playroom (imaginative play), Music & Movement, and Art. While the teachers stay in their respective rooms, the children rotate throughout the day. This way, children get a good handle on different teaching styles but the teachers all work together to handle behaviors and parent communication. Mrs. Brooke (Pre-K Program Coordinator) brings her Elementary Education degree to us by making sure that milestones are met and communicating with YOU if she feels that there are things that we could work together on for your child. Her fresh ideas make learning so fun and she is a favorite to many! She works directly from the South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines to be sure that children are on the road to success. These classrooms are licensed for 10 children at a time and it is a 10:1 ratio. **Don’t mind the “empty” classrooms in the photo. We’re all stocked up and ready to go!   


Another new development in our lives is Pitter Patter Playground—our before- and after-school program. Mr. Jordon (our School Age Program Director) comes from a background in OST programming and does a wonderful job keeping children engaged, whether that be using their minds for S.T.E.M., arts and crafts, reading, or just catching up with friends. Your child’s teachers keep the days light and fun with field trips in the Summer and indoor “Minute-to-Win-it” games in the Winter. Don’t forget about their fundraisers for charities, outdoor family movie nights, and Halloween costume contests (complete with trophy)! This program can hold up to 30 children with a 15:1 ratio and will bus to and from Pettigrew, Discovery, and Frontier Elementary. Our program is also open all day during scheduled school closures to ensure our families can continue to work with peaceful minds.   

*Side note: Cameras are set up in every classroom, as well as on the outside play area and the parking lot. They are not live view for our families, but footage is available if you have any questions or concerns.